Save the Date(s)

I’m as surprised as you are that the last time I posted on the blog was over four months ago at the beginning of April. Unfortunately, this is not because the problem of litter has gone away, but rather because I have a life outside of rubbish that has been keeping me increasingly busy. And litter isn’t being completely ignored: I am working on a few projects that I’m looking forward to sharing as soon as they’re ready … they’re just being done in (very) slow time.

In the meantime, I wanted to bring your attention to a few events that may be of interest. First, the Hampstead Norreys GreenFest is taking place on Saturday, 10 September, and it’s guaranteed to be an extraordinary family-friendly eco-festival with talks, activities, and workshops. I’ll be speaking about the Putting Litter First campaign at 2:15 pm at St. Mary’s Church; come along to hear me talk rubbish or simply enjoy the event and wonderful village.

Another date for your diary is a little closer to home: the Chippenham Community Conference is being held on 6-7 October. Hopefully I’ll have a few things to post between now and then to get the ball rolling for how communities can begin to develop a roadmap for going upstream to tackle litter at its source. Stay tuned!


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