Rubbish Walks across the UK

Have you seen Rubbish Walks Woodbridge and Rubbish Walks Heybridge?
It’s wonderful that so many people care enough about their community to
clean up what others leave behind.  This is exactly what we hoped would
happen when starting Rubbish Walks last year.  

Do you already
pick up litter or are you thinking of starting?  You are not alone in
the crusade to clean our streets, countryside, and coasts!  Please feel
free to go on your own rubbish walks – whether you’re one person or a
whole group, every little bit does make a difference by sending the
message  that we will no longer tolerate litter in our communities.  If
you decide to start your own page, please let me know and I’ll add you
to the local list.

Can we start a rubbish revolution?


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