You may notice more recycling on the blog in coming months as I repost previously published entries. This is not because I’ve run out of things to say about litter (as if
that were possible!), but because the points made earlier are still
valid and I think deserve a second airing.

For example, with last week’s publication of the National Litter Strategy, I’ve taken
the opportunity to dust off the document I wrote in February 2016 and turn it
into a downloadable PDF. “Litter Strategy: Think, Speak, Act” was born out of my frustration that nothing seemed to be happening to tackle litter on a national level, so I put my thoughts together in a booklet and sent it off to MPs.

While I didn’t get any response from that effort, I was pleased to see that some of the ideas discussed within
the booklet have also been identified within the National Strategy as a way
forward for the UK, such as:

  • A nationwide anti-litter campaign
  • Improved, smarter binfrastructure
  • A common sense approach to fining those who
  • Encouraging anti-litter education
  • Encouraging companies to rethink their packaging

However it remains to be seen if this new
strategy will be acted upon …  or if
we will remain stuck thinking and speaking about the problem of litter, without
taking the actual steps necessary to rectify it.


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