Looking ahead to May

I wanted to confirm that we’re looking at a 10:00am start for the Big
Avon Clean Up on Saturday, 13th May. The Calne Divers will be cleaning
up in the river, and we will focus our efforts along the riverbanks and
in Monkton Park. Other local groups will also be pitching in to give
this area a thorough spring clean. The plan at the moment is to set up
in our usual spot by the basketball courts: 

If you’d like to do even more to help tidy up Chippenham, considering taking part in One a Day in May.
This was something we kicked off last year to encourage everyone to
pick up at least one piece of litter each day and show that rubbish is
no longer tolerated in our community. With everyone working together,
the amount of litter that can be shifted is staggering. For example, if
the 474 people who currently follow RubbishWalksCPM on Twitter each did this, that’s 14,694 pieces of rubbish off our streets. Check out last year’s blog posts, and consider photographing and posting your One-a-Day collection to Twitter (#OneADayInMay) or Facebook.


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