Plastic Free July 2020: Casting Your Vote

If you’ve been following along this month for Plastic Free July, you might be wondering where you can get your hands on eco-friendly products. The appropriately named Zero Waste Near Me is a great place to start! For Chippenham residents, consider checking out these local(ish) businesses:

Through suggestions from readers and a bit of sleuthing, I’ve found a number of online businesses doing their best to promote reusable products and plastic-free packaging. Although I have not tried them all (yet), this list is a great place to start for Plastic Free July and beyond:

  • Buy Me Once: An online shop with a number of premium products that are guaranteed to last a lifetime (or at least longer than average).
  • Ethical Eve: A variety of products to make sustainable living a little easier.
  • Friendly Soap: This shop has come highly recommended by several readers of the blog, and it offers soaps, shampoos, and conditioners in recycled/recyclable packaging that are vegan and cruelty free as well as free from sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and other not-so-nice chemicals. It is also an best buy.
  • Funky Soap Shop: I get quite a few products through the Funky Soap Shop because I like their refill service, and I’m hoping that more companies begin to follow suit online and off.
  • Herbfarmacy: British grown beauty products that are cruelty free, plastic free, and smell divine.
  • In Greens: A full-service website that covers everything from plastic-free travel and first aid products to kitchen, bathroom, and beauty products.
  • Little B: Family-run company producing a great range of beeswax strips and an ever-growing shop of other plastic-free items.
  • The Natural Spa: To quote from their tagline, The Natural Spa specialise in “plastic free and vegan hair care, soaps and other cosmetics.”
  • Onya: Carrying an Onya bag with me was one of the first plastic-free swaps I made over a decade ago, and I still love their products: practical, efficient, and practically indestructible.
  • Plastic Freedom: Pretty much a one-stop shop for plastic-free products, they also aim to cut back their packaging waste as well.
  • Plastics Free: A Cornish company that stocks a wide-range of products for all areas of the house.
  • Posy London: Organic and plastic-free deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner bars. The travel-size sets are great for samples.
  • Tabitha Eve: A Welsh company that produces a number of handmade, plastic-free products for around the house.
  • The Eco Shop UK: A little bit of everything to help you start down the path to reducing waste.
  • Turtley Eco: Another one-stop shop, this one plants a tree for every order placed in the UK.

For US readers:

  • Buy Me Once: Long-lasting products to help put an end to throwaway culture.
  • Mighty Nest: A monthly subscription service for reusable products that came highly recommended by friends.
  • Tiny Yellow Bungalow: Zero waste and plant-based products for the entire family (and house).

Did I forget any of your favourites? Let me know!

It’s probably worth mentioning that we cannot shop our way out of environmental problems, but, to borrow a quote from Anna Lappé, “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” We create the future by what we do in the present: let’s do what we can to make sure it’s a bright, less wasteful one.

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