One man. One dog. 7000 miles.

By now you have probably seen the story of Wayne and
. Wayne is
litter-picking the entire coast of the UK in memory of his late father, to raise money for Mind and the Northern Inuit Dog Rescue Society, and to help bring more awareness of the
problem of litter.

My first thought on seeing the recent flurry of attention
was not “Wow, that’s amazing!” (that was second), but “Hey, I know them!”. I follow them on Twitter and
Wayne has been kind enough to like my tweets. It has been great to see them get
the attention they so deserve. If you don’t follow them already on social
, please consider doing so, and if you can support him or his chosen charities,
then head over to his GoFundMe page or Virgin Giving.

What Wayne and Koda are doing is absolutely amazing. However, you don’t have to walk the entire
coast of the country to make a difference in your own community. You can do as
much or as little as you have time for—the important thing is the doing.

  • It can be picking up one piece of litter a day.
    Or five.
  • It can be encouraging friends and family to join
    in. Or going solo.
  • It can be as simple as replacing your daily
    disposable coffee cup with a reusable one. Or as challenging as trying to go
    plastic free.

You could even form your own anti-litter group.

The choice about the kind of world you want to live in—and
what you are going to do to help shape it—is yours.

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