Multiplying Bins

Many thanks to everyone who has spent some time adding
rubbish bins to our online map.  This is
incredibly useful information so we know where the gaps are and can either
advocate for more bins or come up with different solutions.

One solution that we are currently looking into is a trial
residential bin scheme. Residential
streets, especially those that connect the centre of Chippenham with everywhere
else, tend to face double jeopardy: they are regularly used by people eating
and drinking on the go and they don’t have any bins.

Well, they actually have a lot of bins … usually
in people’s front gardens.  Yet there is
a strong taboo against using what appears to be a private bin – even though the
bins are the property of Wiltshire Council and rubbish in a bin is better than
on the ground.  Until we can make
littering itself a taboo, this is one potential way to increase the town’s bin

What we would like is for residents who live on these
streets and have easily accessible bins to agree to have a sticker on it saying
that it can be used to dispose of rubbish.
It wouldn’t even require every house to participate to significantly
increase the number of bins available – all for the cost of a label.

We would like to test this for approximately eight weeks
next year. Would you be interested in
taking part in this pilot project? Can
you think of any problems that might occur that we should take into account? What do you think would encourage people to

Wiltshire Council is behind this, and it would also be a
chance for Chippenham residents to show that we are serious about cleaning up
our community. Please drop us a line at to share with
your thoughts about this or other low- or no-cost ways of tackling rubbish.


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