#LitterWatch2017: Week 28

The litter seems to have plateaued this week, and I haven’t noticed many changes. The orange and yellow balloons are continuing their texture transformation, and the white “biodegradable” balloon seems to have taken on a slight yellowish or greenish tinge. Perhaps mould? The biggest changes right now seem to be to the board and sign: both are showing signs of their six months in all weather!

In other news, Jon has tallied up the recycling found during our recent informal clean up across from Donkey Field. In addition to the 6 bags of general rubbish, we found 12 glass bottles, 85 plastic bottles, and 65 cans. All of these have now been properly recycled.

Don’t forget to come along to our AGM on Thursday, 20th July at 6:00pm at Rivo Lounge – this is a great opportunity to get involved in plans for this coming year.

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