#LitterWatch2017: Week 23

The wind and gravity have not been kind to the litter board this week: it has taken yet another topple and some items, like the McDonald’s cup and Coke can, are looking a bit crushed. The crisp packet has split along the bottom, likely due to the amount of water that it had collected, and the water bottle lost its label.

Despite the sun, wind, and rain, some items continue to look brand new: the cigarette butts show no sign of damage, nor does the tobacco pouch. The blue carrier bag and the white balloon advertised as being “biodegradable“ haven’t changed at all, and the Lucozade bottle is still in good nick. The glass bottle is absolutely fine, it’s just the label that is beginning to show signs of weathering.

Just a few weeks to go and the litter will have been outside for six months; stay tuned for a more thorough look at the individual items then.

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