Litter Counts: Coca-Cola

How many Coca-Cola cans or bottles did you see this week? In 2017, it was definitely one of the most littered brands of recyclables, with 1 in 10 items of our 1685 total recyclables being something with the Coca-Cola name on it. This figure includes:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Diet-Coke
  • Coke-Zero
  • Coca-Cola Cherry
  • Coca-Cola Diet Cherry
  • Coke Zero Sugar
  • Coca-Cola Life
  • Coca-Cola Vanilla
  • Coca-Cola with Lime

It does not include the other brands owned by Coca-Cola; we’ll be looking at some of those in later weeks. In the meantime, here’s the next brand to look out for:

  The tally will include the following types:

  • Lucozade
  • Lucozade Hydroactive
  • Lucozade Revive
  • Lucozade Sport
  • Lucozade Still
  • Lucozade Alert
  • Lucozade Energy
  • Lucozade NRG
  • Lucozade Zero Calorie

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