Gift of GAB

Off the Ground and Refill Chippenham would like to invite you to give the gift of GAB in 2018: Give A Bottle.  A reusable one of course. Imagine for a moment if everyone gave a reusable water bottle as a birthday gift to just two friends or family members this year. And those two each gave a reusable bottle to two more people. And so on. It wouldn’t take long for everyone to have a bottle and—hey presto—a new social norm has been born: you reuse bottles and forgo the disposable ones.

It’s not as far-fetched as you might think. Last year Jon and I gave eCoffee reusable cups to his family for Christmas. This year, several mentioned that they not only used them on a regular basis, but they have also now given gifts of reusable cups to their friends. [Unfortunately GAC (Give a Cup) doesn’t lend itself well to fun acronyms, but the same idea applies!]

There are so many types of bottles (and cups) on the market now, there is bound to be a design that is the perfect fit for every personality. So please consider how you can be GABby this year and share the joy of reusable products.

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