Hide and Seek?

Why are telephone and post boxes in the UK painted red? So that people can see them. Bright and bold, there’s no mistaking their location – a glance along any High Street can reveal their presence or absence very quickly.

Rubbish bins on the other hand? Most are black. Maybe a dark shade of green. It’s like we’re ashamed to have them as part of the street furniture and want to camouflage them. However, I’m pleased to see that Hubbub and their Neat Streets campaign have recognised that bins need to be seen too: here’s hoping their blue bins do the trick on Villiers Street.


A slightly defaced phone box in Chippenham, but still very visible British icons …


… versus a grimy and not very appealing–or eye-catching–rubbish bin.


The Neat Streets campaign blue bin and yellow ballot bin; photo by Hubbub/#NeatStreets.

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