A Weekend Away


We just returned from a lovely weekend away in the picturesque town
of Henley on Thames.  It was great to enjoy a riverside walk, a spot of
window shopping (and perhaps a bit of actual buying as well!), and an
evening out with friends at a country pub.

However, despite the
beautiful views and rather posh prices, litter was never far from my
mind – or the pavement.  It was sad to see the amount of rubbish just
left near the river – someone else’s responsibility to pick up?  Or to be driving down a country lane marred by a Red Bull can, Lucozade bottle, or bag of McDonald’s.  Often all three.

As an American in the UK, I often found myself thinking “This is so
quintessentially English!” when catching sight of a timber-framed
building or burst of colourful window boxes this weekend.  Do we really
want litter and a lack of care to become synonymous with the country as


This is what visitors want to see …


… not this.


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