BREAKING NEWS: Chippenham is litter free!

The first of April dawned clear in Chippenham, with littering, fly-tipping, and dog-fouling ceasing overnight. There is nary a Coke can, crisp packet, or cigarette butt to be seen, and residents are enjoying the sight of their community free of rubbish now that everyone has grasped the mechanics of how to properly dispose of litter in a bin. All of the money spent cleaning up after litterers will be re-directed to the NHS, and organisers of a local anti-litter group report that they will now dedicate their free time to a proper hobby.

Too much of an exaggeration, even for April Fools’ Day? While it is true that this is far from the reality on the ground, I live in hope that it will one day come to pass!

There are a few ways you can get involved with cleaning up Chippenham and reducing waste:

  • Consider swinging by the SuperBin in Monkton Park and use the litter-picking equipment stored in it–just drop me a line for information on how to open it.
  • Start practicing for #OneADayInMay by keeping your local patch free of litter.
  • Cut back on packaging waste from around the house: see the Reduce Your Wasteline series for more information.

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