Branded in Chippenham: Water

Edited August 2019: Please note that this was originally published in 2017 and the number of brands littered in Chippenham has only gone up! ]

In preparation for next year’s campaign (#LitterCounts), I thought I would share the brands of beverages we have found in Chippenham over the past several years. After each clean up, Jon counts the glass bottles, plastic bottles, and aluminium cans we have found, and records the number of each type and each brand. This has been an eye-opening experience; in three years, our individual rubbish walks and community clean ups have found:

  • 918 glass bottles
  • 3259 plastic bottles
  • 3953 aluminium cans
  • … and 324 bags of general rubbish

Besides the sheer quantity of recyclable material found, the number of brands is also staggering … especially for something that comes out of our taps. There have been nearly 80 different types of plastic water bottle found in Chippenham, and it’s a good reminder that a reusable water bottle + Refill Chippenham make for a much better combination.

1. Abbey Wells Still Water

2. Agros Mineral Water

3. Aqua Pura

4. Aqua Twist

5. Aqua Splash

6. Aqueo Still Spring Water

7. Asda Sparkling Flavoured Water

8. Asda Still Eden Falls

9. Badoir Sparkling Mineral Water

10. Ballygowan Natural Mineral Water

11. Belu Still Natural Mineral Water

12. Brecon Carreg

13. Buxton Water

14. Carrick Glen Natural Spring Water

15. Chase Still Cristaline Spring Water

16. Clearview Still Water

17. cirestoc Spring Water

18. Copeland Spring Water

19. Cooperative Fairbourne Spring Water

20. Cristaline Still Water

21. Drench Juicy Spring Water

22. Elm Spring Still Water

23. Evian

24. Fairbourne Springs Water

25. Fiji Water

26. Fonthilll Spring Water

27. Fruity Clear Still Water

28. Glaceau Vitamin Water

29. Glaceau Smart Water

30. Hayat Natural Mineral Water

31. Harrogate Spring Water

32. Harvest Mills Natural Mineral Water

33. Highland Springs Water

34. Highland Springs Sparkling Water

35. Hydr8

36. Ice Valley Natural Mineral Water

37. Juicy Water

38. Kirkland Signature Spring Water

39. Marks and Spencer’s Coconut Water

40. Montgomeryshire Natural Spring Water

41. Morrison’s Apple & Blackcurrent Flavoured Water

42. Morrison’s Sparking Lemon & Lime Flavoured Water

43. Morrison’s Diet Indian Tonic Water

44. Morrison’s Peninne Vale Still Spring Water

45. Morrison’s Sparking Raspberry and Blackberry-Flavoured Spring Water

46. Morrison’s Sparking Peach-Flavoured Spring Water

47. Morrison’s Still Water

48. Morrison’s Yorkshire Vale Spring Water

49. Nestle Pure Life Still Spring Water

50. Perfectly Clear Still Water

51. Pret Still Natural Mineral Water

52. Prince’s Gate Pembrokeshire Still Water

53. Priory Spring Still Water

54. Radnor Hills Water

55. Romy Water

56. Rubicon Spring Water

57. Sainsbury’s Sparkling  Flavoured Spring Water

58. Sainsbury’s Still Scottish Mountain Water

59. Saka Spring Water

60. Schweppes

61. Sirma Natural Spring Water

62. SoBe V Water

63. Spar Silverbrook Falls

64. Spar Sparkling Flavoured Water

65. Springbourne Still Natural Mineral Water

66. Strathmore Still

67. Sutton Still Spring Water

68. Tesco’s English Mineral Water Ashbeck

69. Tesco Everyday Still Spring Water

70. Tesco’s Sparkling Flavoured Water

71. Tesco Ashbeck National Mineral Water

72. Tesco Indian Tonic Water

73. Tesco Perthshire National Mineral Water

74. Tesco Still Flavoured Mineral Water

75. Volvic Water

76. Volvic (Orange and Peach)

77. Volvic Touch of Fruit

78. Wilco Mountain Falls Water

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