Branded in Chippenham: Sports Drinks

Edited August 2019: Please note that this was originally published in 2017 and the number of brands littered in Chippenham has only gone up! ]

In preparation for next year’s campaign (#LitterCounts), I thought I would share the brands of beverages we have found in Chippenham over the past several years. After each clean up, Jon counts the glass bottles, plastic bottles, and aluminium cans we have found, and records the number of each type and each brand. This has been an eye-opening experience; in three years, our individual rubbish walks and community clean ups have found:

  • 918 glass bottles
  • 3259 plastic bottles
  • 3953 aluminium cans
  • … and 324 bags of general rubbish

Besides the sheer quantity of recyclable material found, the number of brands is also staggering. The areas we tend to run community clean ups–Monkton Park and Donkey Field–are adjacent to sports centres, so it’s probably no surprise that sports-related rubbish is also prevalent, with an average of 5-10% of what we find falling into this category (most of which is some type of Lucozade). 

1. Best-In Sports Isotonic Drink

2. Best-In Stimulation Drink

3. Best-One Isotonic Drink

4. Emerge Sport (Tropical Berry)

5. Euro Shopper Isotonic Drink

6. Euro Shopper Sparkling Glucose Cherry

7. Euro Shopper Sparkling Glucose Orange

8. Euro Tropical Berry Sports Zero

9. Explosade

10. Freeway Sport Isotonic Drink

11. Gatorade

12. Lucozade

13. Lucozade Hydroactive

14. Lucozade Revive

15. Lucozade Sport

16. Lucozade Still

17. Lucozade Alert

18. Lucozade Energy

19. Lucozade NRG

20. Lucozade Zero Calorie

21. Morrison’s Sports Drink

22. Powerade

23. Powerade Ion4

24. Power Generation Sports Lite

25. Sainsbury’s Sports Drink

26. Superlife

27. Vi-Br8 Strawberry Flavour Drink

28. Tesco Active Isotonic

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