A LItter-picking Encore

What does the hit musical Les Miserables have to do with rubbish? Not a thing, other than the song “Stars” makes for a wonderful parody! We proudly present Jon Paget’s new song in our litter collection: Cars. 

There, out in the darkness
A Heineken flying,
Thrown by a drunkard.
Falling in space,
God! A Relentless!
A Monster’s revealed,
As a can is displaced,
The Heineken touches base / takes its place.

A Lucozade in the park,
I’m sure that wasn’t there before.
[Whilst] he who prefers his trash continental
Discards his Biere D’or.
As someone failed to pick up their Powerade,
I fail to see what it’s for!

Cars, in the multitude,
Scarce to be counted,
Filling the laybys,
With all kinds of shite!
Dog poo in plastic bags,
Just to be sure,
The bag’s safely tied,
Now the poo’s mummified!

Then there’s the bins in the town,
Have people no sense of aim?!
Yes, each in their portion is woefully small,
But they’re bins, all the same.
And if there’s litter there on the ground,
Who’s really to blame?!

And so it is We,
Who should pick up litter,
On our driveways and more besides,
To recycle and to transform,
Our countryside!

Lord, I’d be gliding, seeing a roadsiding,
[Free] from cigarette butts and Walker’s crisps!
Till then, do not despair,
And beware of those cars!

And if you missed it the first time, here’s the parody “Keep the trash off our countryside” to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Keep the customer satisfied”.

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