Work in Progress

It’s been a bit quiet on the Off the Ground blog while I get my personal blog up and running on a new system. This has encouraged me to consider completely overhauling the Off the Ground website to make it more useful for everyone involved. Some of the things I would like to include are:

  • Idea bank: A collection of potential anti-waste projects and examples of projects we have tried.
  • Guide to running a community clean up: Many hands make light work, and it would be great to see other areas within Chippenham (and beyond) take on running regular clean ups.
  • Where’s your patch? This was something we trialled as part of the Love Chippenham campaign, and it would be wonderful if we could do more to encourage people to look after their own local patch.
  • Poster / meme library: We have created a number of posters and memes over the past several years, and it would be great if we could make them easily accessible for others to download and share

What else would you find valuable to have in a a local anti-waste website? Drop me a line at or share on the Off the Ground Facebook page.


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