With a little help from my friends

It was great to catch up with some friends in Chippenham this morning
for a pre-Christmas rubbish walk along the river.  Not so great: the
amount of rubbish found in just one hour.  On the bright side, the
recent windy weather had blown a lot of litter into one place, making
the clean up quite easy … but it’s still shocking how much people
can’t be bothered to bin.  Recycling especially – we’ll do a proper
tally later, but we got at least 6 bags worth.

One problem area was
the Olympiad car park, with two full bags of rubbish and one bag of
recycling coming from it.  And don’t get me started about the litter
that has blown into the Good Energy car park, which we didn’t have a chance to clean.  After a meeting with BigBelly Solar
earlier this week, I would love to see a Good Energy-branded Bigbelly
bin along Monkton Hill; doesn’t it seem like the perfect combination?

Rubbish blown into a pile in the Monkton Park basketball courts this morning.

Not exactly the riverfront view I was hoping for this morning.

Really wishing bins would be put in spots where litter is likely to occur, such as around picnic tables and benches.

We didn’t have a chance to get to this rubbish blown into the Good Energy car park, but much of it seems to have originated with the Subway down the street.


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