“What message does litter send?”

That was the question that inspired our first foray into producing “litter-ature”, a short report for a forthcoming meeting.  The “Welcome to Chippenham” brochure shows that rubbish makes an area appear uncared for and unsafe, and can make a visitor feel very unwelcome instead.  

Yet this is the message that cities, towns, villages, and communities across the country are giving out by allowing their streets and waterways to be used as a dumping ground.

However, if we work together and everyone does their bit, we can reclaim our communities.  We can send the message that we love where we live, and we have respect for our public spaces and environment.

So, what message is your community saying?


Cover: A few of the many images of litter taken around town.  Not what Tourist Information would want you to see!


Inside: We
discuss some of the findings from the past six months, outline some
potential solutions, and highlight our forthcoming relaunch to get thing
Off the Ground.


Back: Preferred sights from around Chippenham.


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