Staying Hydrated

I wrote previously about my shock in seeing someone litter a bottle of water during her run, and water bottles make up a small but not insignificant amount of what we find on a rubbish walk (we think that many of the unlabeled bottles in the Unknown category are water bottles as well).  There are even more brands than the energy drinks!

Abbey Wells Still Water
Aqueo Still Spring Water
Buxton Water
Clearview Still Water
Cristaline Still Water
Fruity Clear Still Water
Glaceau Vitamin Water
Glaceau Smart Water
Harrogate Spring Water
Highland Springs Water
Marks and Spencer’s Coconut Water
Nestle Pure Life Still Spring Water
Sainsbury’s Still Scottish Mountain Water
Saka Spring Water
Tesco’s English Mineral Water Ashbeck
Tesco’s Sparkling Water
Wilco Mountain Falls Water

All of these are in ones or twos, so no clear winner.


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