Sometimes I wonder if I have a split personality. I spend a portion of my free time working on my MissElaineous blog and merchandise, where good photography and design are my primary aims. There is the recently defunct Indian River by Air, where I managed my father’s aerial photography and, again, the goal was to post only the best of the best. Then there is #OneADayInMay, where I post the most random pictures of rubbish!

Today’s photo comes courtesy of John Coles Park. The lovely weather over the past few days has certainly encouraged people to get out and about, so I’m not surprised to see more litter as well.

Help clean up another local park by coming along to the clean up this Saturday in Monkton Park. We’ll be set up near the basketball courts from 10:00am until noon to clean along the riverfront, and the Calne Divers will also be present to clean IN the river.

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