Seventh on the 7th

We’ll be carrying out our seventh Chippenham Community Clean Up on 7th November in Monkton Park from 10am-noon.  This will be our last one for the year, so please come along to pitch in – whether you can stay for 5 minutes or the full two hours, your help is greatly appreciated.

We will be drawing up a list of dates and locations for next year’s clean ups soon, so please stay tuned.  Is there a spot in Chippenham you think could benefit from a Community Clean Up?  Please let us know so we can consider it for next year.  

Or, even better, do you want to run your own regular clean up in your local patch?  Drop us a line and we can let you know how to go about doing it. What we would love to see is each neighbourhood taking responsibility for a problem area – perhaps friends who want to do a “pick ‘n’ pint” like Tidy Stourbridge​ or maybe a walking group who want to keep the pavements clean while getting fit.

More of a loner? Return to the original ethos of Rubbish Walks and just aim to pick up litter as you go about your daily business of going from A to B – it’s quick, it’s easy, and it really does make a difference to the local community.


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