See you Saturday?

I have a confession to make … lately I’ve been taking a shortcut
home in the evening, walking through John Coles Park.  I enjoy seeing
the dogs, taking in the lovely landscaping, and basking in what is an
almost litter-free environment. Which is why I was quite saddened to see
this mess this afternoon.

A few items of takeaway, likely left
by one person, bring down the entire area. And how many people likely
walked past this, inwardly tutting, but not bothering to do anything about it?  Let us take a stand not only against litter, but also the unwillingness to get involved.

To mangle a well known quote, we get the community we deserve – and
the one we earn through time, effort, and a bit of elbow grease.  What
are we doing to make our neighbourhoods great places to live?  Come
along to Scoffs Cafe on New Road this Saturday, 25th July, at 10:00am to
share your ideas and learn about some of the projects we have in the


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