Rubbish Walks: 2 for 1

This past weekend we carried out two rubbish walks. The first was a first for us: collecting rubbish as an inadvertent part of gardening …

We live next to a local school and had to go on to their property in order to reach several branches that were overhanging our roof.  We knew that the school grounds could be heavily littered as crisp packets and sweet wrappers (from students’ packed lunch?) often blew on to our property, and we can even see litter from our bedroom window. Even knowing this, nothing prepared us for the sight along the school tennis courts: juice cartons, a wine bottle, a number of plastic cups, and packaging by the handful. In about 5 minutes we had a glass bottle, 12 plastic bottles, 7 cans, and a bag full of general rubbish.

With school being out, my guess is that the area is being used for after hours’ shenanigans.  However, it is also possible that rubbish is getting blown here from nearby. Either way, we got quite an education ourselves – always bring a litter picker and bag when gardening on school grounds!

The second rubbish walk was more straightforward, a deliberate after dinner walk along Malmesbury Road. Two bags of general rubbish were found, as well as 3 glass bottles, 15 plastic bottles. and 30 cans. Also had a potential litter-busting idea I’ll write about in a future blog entry. Please stay tuned for that and the location of our next Community Clean Up – we are planning on an event for Sunday, 16 August (10:00am-noon), and are just waiting to hear back about permissions.

Those aren’t leaves: although it’s difficult to tell in this photograph, litter stretches the entire way along the courts.

More litter on the school playing field.

This is one of the areas we were looking at for the Community Clean Up; yes, that is all litter.


Just because it’s in the ivy doesn’t mean litter disappears.

Trolley in Hardenhuish Brook.


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