Rubbish Walking

April has disappeared in a haze of a major project at work and getting a new website/blog up and running at home.  As a result, I haven’t had the opportunity to go on as many rubbish walks as I would like, but Jon has been busy keeping Malmesbury Road clean.  In his all-weather walk today (sun, rain, and hail), he found 2 bags of general rubbish, 4 glass bottles, 15 plastic bottles, and 31 cans … and one or two bits of randomness.

Objects may be smaller than they appear.

A bag of cans; tossed from a car?

bag of … well, you know.  The lack of logic behind this is
staggering.  True, no one will step in it, but exactly how is it
supposed to disappear?  Keep Britain Tidy has made it clear that there is no such thing as a dog poo fairy!

Forget a tempest in a teapot, here’s a hubcap in a hailstorm.

Approximately one mile worth of litter.  Imagine this multiplied across every mile of road in the UK…

If you follow Rubbish Walks on Twitter, use the hashtag #betterthanlitter to highlight the things you’d prefer to see on the side of the road!


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