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On Wednesday, 23 June at 7:00pm, we will be holding a follow-up to April’s litterinar. This time, rather than me speaking at you to introduce the topic, it’s your turn to ask questions: was anything raised during the litterinar that you have queries about? Are there any rubbish-related issues you’d like to discuss?

To participate, please email me at hello@off-the-ground.org to let me know that you’re attending and what your questions are. This is so important that I’m going to say it again: please email me instead of DMing me on Twitter or leaving a comment on Facebook: I’ve found that messages from Off the Ground are less likely to end up in spam if you contact me first. I’ll then send out a Zoom link to everyone the week of the event.

I also have a few questions for you.

Jon is beginning to think about running a community clean up in Chippenham this summer and was wondering if there were any new locations that could be tackled. So please nominate a patch of Chippenham that should be cleaned. The main requirements are that it should be safe for volunteers to access and have parking so that the equipment can be dropped off.

And finally, how do you want to be involved in Off the Ground as we begin to emerge from the pandemic? It’s not possible to tackle a big problem like litter if people sit on the side lines, but we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to use their strengths. Are you creative and can design anti-litter posters? Are you happy to speak to businesses, schools, and government officials about how they can start Putting Litter First? Would you rather help organise behind the scenes? It’s all helpful and all needed!

Just drop me a line at hello@off-the-ground.org with your answers.

Did you miss the live litterinar? Check it out below:

And the recorded Q&A session is here:


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