Plans are taking shape …

This weekend we paid a visit to Pewsham Park to conduct a preliminary health and safety check as part of the next organised Community Clean Up.  

First of all, what a lovely park!  We are lucky in Chippenham to have such well kept green spaces.

Second – we have had several reports about the litter along the paths leading to the park (especially from Tesco) and these are not exaggerated.  The amount caught in the fence from King’s Lodge School is also staggering.

We are waiting to hear about insurance before confirming the Clean Up, but the tentative plan is for 13 June, 10:00am – noon.  Please stay tuned for confirmation.

Can’t wait to get out and clean up your community?  Just pick up one (or three or five or ten) pieces of litter a day.  You’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up. See what one man did in the Netherlands by taking this approach.

Litter and graffiti are common signs that an area is uncared for.  The big holes in the fence are another good indication.

I honestly don’t know how to caption this photo.

In my ideal world, the National Lotto would print “You might be a loser, but don’t be a tosser” on all of their scratch cards.

While it’s great to see rubbish in a bin instead of on the ground, recycling on the go facilities are desperately needed here.

Sometimes you just have to look up instead.


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