New Year, Old Problem

We carried out our first rubbish walk of 2017 today along Malmesbury Road, finding 2 bags of rubbish and an incredible haul of recycling: 5 glass bottles, 20 plastic bottles, and 48 cans. While Coca-Cola is usually the undisputed champion of Chippenham, today it had a contender: 18 Red Bulls. Red Bull may give you wings, but it certainly doesn’t do much for the empty cans.

This means it’s time to reset the tally in the sidebar for the New Year and look back at what was found in 2016.


In 2016, we found 104 bags of rubbish. That’s a total of 254 bags of rubbish found in Chippenham over the past two years.


Glass bottles can easily be recycled, yet we found 251 in the course of the year. That’s 743 glass bottles in two years.


I don’t blame you if you can’t be bothered to count that: it was 1,006 can in 2016. That’s 3,093 cans between 2015-2016.


That’s 918 plastic bottles found in 2016, or 2,609 over two years. Stay tuned this year to see what turns up and don’t forget to keep an eye on #LitterWatch2017 – I am planning to post about it once a week, but here’s view after one day. Despite the rain and frost, everything seems to be holding tight.


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