Nearest Neighbours


I’ve mentioned before that we live near Hardenhuish School, so Jon and I are no strangers to the litter that blows over to our property from the school grounds. Even the summer holidays can’t put an end to it – Jon started picking this morning and just couldn’t stop, coming home with this pile. 

Of course, it’s difficult to know where this litter is actually coming from. It could be left in hedges by students during the school year. It could be from those who use the playing fields at weekends. Or perhaps by those just passing through. Most likely, a combination of all of the above. Regardless, it underscores how littering has become a cultural norm: it is far more common to find rubbish than not. This message, that leaving litter behind is “normal”, must be stopped if we are to actually make a difference in the fight against litter.

To this end, I’ve been engaging in a bit of light summer reading around the field of behavioural psychology. There is certainly a lot we can learn from through these methods, and I look forward to sharing some thoughts about this in a future blog entry.


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