#LitterWatch2017: Week 2

This week the rubbish itself has gone walking: high winds
caused several pieces to fly off and scatter themselves across the back garden.
One piece even managed to be blown under the fence into our front garden,
underscoring the fact that where litter is found is not necessarily where it
started from
. The board itself got blown
over once as well, so a few pieces are looking a bit dented as a result. However, in general the weather isn’t doing
much damage to the majority of the pieces.

The napkin continues to look quite bedraggled, which
isn’t a surprise considering it has gotten soaked and blown around. It is tearing and a few small pieces have
fallen off.  I can’t imagine it surviving
the month of January, but I will continue to watch it with interest … and to
make sure it doesn’t go wandering again.

Sharp-eyed viewers will have noticed some changes to the
cups, with the lids now being nailed on the board separately. As I mentioned last week, the cups have
swelled with moisture, which prevents the lids from fitting properly. This is probably one reason cups and lids
aren’t always found together: the lid falls off and is then blown elsewhere. The multiplier effect from this is
concerning: one coffee cup easily becomes two pieces of rubbish, a fast food
cup three stray pieces with the straw.

Other changes include the deflation of the yellow
balloon, but everything else, especially the plastic, remains more or less as
is.  Indeed, the most damage that has
occurred to the plastic is due to a combination of the board falling over and
me hammering more nails into everything in an attempt to prevent rubbish from getting
ripped off by the wind!

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