Litter Counts: Mountain Dew

How many of the neon green Mountain Dew bottles or cans did you spot this week? It lives in that middle ground between being a carbonated beverage and an energy drink, and is just one of the many brands of each type that we have found in Chippenham.

Next’s week brand to keep an eye out for is one of the popular alcoholic drinks, Strongbow. It comes in several types, from original to Dark Fruit to Citrus Energy, and all of them have been added together for the 2017 tally. Head on over to our Facebook page to take a guess how many were uncovered last year, and don’t forget to mark your calendar for 3rd March: we’ll be taking part in the Great British Spring Clean at Monkton Park from 10:00am until noon and starting up our count for 2018.

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