It all adds up …

Last month I mused that our Great British Spring Clean in Monkton Park might be a record breaker: we found a total of 43 bags of rubbish and recycling, and at least as many people turned up to do the tidying.

In the meantime, Jon has been busy sorting, counting, and recording the glass bottles, plastic bottles, and aluminium cans—and seeing that they were properly disposed of at the Household Recycle Centre. The results are officially in: 640 items of recycling were found, which exceeds our previous record holder by 100.

This breaks into 122 glass bottles, 202 plastic bottles, and 316 cans. I can almost guarantee that such a quantity of rubbish would not be left lying about if it had a value—with a 10p an item deposit scheme, that would be £64.00 worth of products. Keep reading for more interesting stats about this collection …

The recycling falls into the following categories:

  • Alcohol:          258
  • Carbonated:  105
  • Energy:           75
  • Fruit:               46
  • Milk:                11
  • Sports:            37
  • Water:             41
  • Unknown:       67

Top brands in each category:

  • Alcohol:             Stella Artois (45)
  • Carbonated:      Coca-Cola (37)
  • Energy:              Monster (33)
  • Fruit:                  Tesco juice, Ribena, and Robinson’s tied at 5 each
  • Milk:                   Yazoo, Mars Milk, and Frijj tied at 2 each
  • Sports:               Lucozade (33)
  • Water:                Evian (5)

Supermarket brands that are present:

  • Aldi:                    2
  • Asda:                   2
  • Euro Shopper:     1
  • Iceland:                1
  • Sainsbury’s:         11
  • Tesco:                  43
  • Wilco:                   1

One A Day in May kicks off tomorrow, and our next Community Clean Up will be 12th May in Donkey Field from 10am until noon. I hope to see you there as we continue to work to reduce litter in Chippenham!


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