April Rubbish Walks

Last week our musically inclined member went on a mega rubbish walk, returning with a fly-tipped bag of recyclables, a campaign sign, and a bicycle.  In addition to the normal amount of general rubbish of course.  Our tally for April is a respectable 14 bags of rubbish, 41 glass bottles, 198 cans, and 127 plastic bottles.

The two sets of bags on the left are from areas we clean on a regular basis; those on the right in front of the sign are from Bristol Road, and include a fly-tipped bag of recyclables (primarily plastic bottles).  What’s really odd is that some of the plastic was cleaning supplies: Persil and Surf detergent, Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner, toilet cleaner.  So someone cared enough to clean up their house, but not enough to dispose of the rubbish properly!

Smoking paraphernalia (cigarette butts, cartons, Rizla wraps, etc.) are common finds when rubbish walking, and evidence suggests that smokers are more likely to litter than the average person.  This is someone trying to kick the smoking habit … but hasn’t beaten their addiction to littering.

Bag carefully tied up and left by a tree (or thrown from a car?).  Why people want to clean their personal environment but pollute public space is beyond me.

Bicycle found near Chippenham Sports Club.  Stolen and dumped, or just dumped?

“Campaign sign down, we have a campaign sign down!”  This sign was collected and returned to the Councillor.  Don’t you just love a happy ending?

Sweet wrappers are common sights near schools.  In addition to the Kinder seen here, Maoam, Cadbury, Malteser, and Starburst are also frequent finds.

An action shot: it’s not uncommon to find drinks that are half or three-quarters full.  Occasionally we find things that have never been opened.  The wasteful culture we now live in is simply staggering.

Perhaps craziest find of all: rubble put into a carrier bag and left near a bus stop.  The mind boggles – what could the reasoning behind this be?

And occasionally it’s nice to raise our eyes Off the Ground and look beyond rubbish walks … there’s a hint there at some changes that will be taking place soon.  Stay tuned!


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