A new summer tradition?

I’m not sure how often something has to be done to be considered a tradition, but our second annual unofficial summer clean up was a success! We kicked this off last year in the patch of woodland across from Donkey Field (labelled as Woody Woods on Google maps), and we made a return to the woods this morning. The presence of water and thick undergrowth means we can’t advertise it publicly, so these clean ups are just open to those already on our mailing list and who have filled out a liability waiver.

The great thing about today’s clean up is that it shows that progress is slowly but surely being made in combatting litter in this area. When Jon and I first stumbled upon Woody Woods in March 2015, it took us seven hours over two weekends to clean, and we found 33 bags of rubbish and recycling. Last year we were down to 18: 10 bags of general rubbish and 8 of recycling. Today? 10 bags total, 6 of rubbish and 4 recycling.

We’ll be tallying up the brands later, so please keep an eye here on the blog for more details. In the meantime, consider signing up to the mailing list to learn about when unofficial clean ups are scheduled and mark your calendars for 20 July – we’ll be meeting at Rivo Lounge at 6:00pm for the Off the Ground AGM.

One mattress …

… turned into three. We recorded it as fly-tipping using the MyWiltshire app; consider downloading it to report problem areas.


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