Warning: Earworms Ahead

Many of you know Jon as the person who has taken over the cleaning strand of Off the Ground. However, his day job is as a voice artist, helping to bring projects to life and make audio production as easy as possible for his clients. This month has been all about using the power of parodies to get messages across. He kicked off the Euro2020 final with the anti-litter anthem Bin Every Time, and he’s followed this up with an ode to Rowden Surgery and the incredible staff who made the vaccination process go so smoothly.

A throwaway remark on Cousin Norman’s Facebook page saw him adapt a summer hit from the ‘80s into an homage to this environmentally-friendly shop. If you haven’t been before, it’s well worth checking out the store for its great food, reasonably priced refills, and quirky products. At the moment, they’re also running a school uniform swap shop, so there is definitely something for everybody at Norm’s!


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