Plastic Free July 2020

I am continuing my Plastic Free July tradition of inviting the world to my house to take a virtual look around at where Jon and I have managed to cut back on waste in general and plastic waste in particular. It’s been nearly three years since we started to make changes, and it has been incredible to see how one small change after another can really add up. At the moment, our family of two only needs to put the general rubbish bin out every 6-8 weeks … and that’s usually due to picking up litter. Plastic has been almost completely eliminated …

… or at least it was before the pandemic. It was more difficult to get products as some of my favourite independents had to shutter their shops or redesign their manufacturing process to allow their employees to socially distance. But many are starting to come back online now, so I’m looking forward to getting back to my old normal, at least as far as plastic-free products are concerned.

For the sake of complete honesty and disclosure I am also writing about the things I am struggling to change—if you have any suggestions for products or processes that have worked for you, please let me know about them!

While the brands I mention work for me (and affiliate links are occasionally used), you may have your own favourites: please let me know as I am always looking for new environmentally-friendly products for the annual gift guide.

And some of you may be wondering, “Where’s the Reduce Your Wasteline website?” I had planned on having it up and running last year, but life and my tendency to spread myself too thin has intervened. However, the homepage is finally up and running … and I hope to start adding content and linking everything up throughout July! Please sign up to be notified about when it’s more functional.

In the meantime, keep an eye on Off the Ground for waste reduction tips throughout the month of July.

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