What’s in a name?

Why the name “Rubbish Walks”? First, it’s not just going on a walk, it’s a walk with a purpose – to clean up communities one piece of rubbish at a time. Second, all of us can play our part in making sure rubbish “walks” off our streets and into bins and bags where it belongs. …

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Just Do It

Do you want to be a rubbish walker?

Just imagine how much cleaner our communities would be if people spent one hour a week keeping their patch tidy.  Don’t have an hour?  Just try thirty minutes.  Or ten.  Or five.  Just collecting the stray rubbish from your street can make a huge difference, and it sends the message that littering is not tolerated.

Grab a spouse, a friend, a child, a neighbour and, to quote Nike, JUST DO IT.  There is no need for formal organisation, no official membership, no set times or dates.  All that is needed are a few bags, a pair of gloves and/or a litter picker, and a positive attitude. 

It only takes a few thoughtless people to make the mess caused by littering.  A few people who care about their community can make it better.